Contract Research

UCERF conducts commissioned research projects and advises among others national and foreign governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations and legal practitioners. For example, UCERF wrote two reports for the WODC (Research and Documentation Center) concerning respectively: surrogate motherhood and illegal placement of children; and marriage of registered partnerships.


Annex WODC Report ‘M/V en verder’ (Dutch)

The annex to the WODC Report ‘M/V en verder’ is only available in Dutch: Deze bijlage hoort bij het boek dat is geschreven door Marjolein […]

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WODC Report: surrogate motherhood and illegal placement of children

In 2011, UCERF researchers, who had been commissioned by the WODC, concluded research into surrogate motherhood and the illegal placement of children. This research was […]

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WODC (Research and Documentation Centre) report: marriage or registered partnership?

This research aimed to evaluate two important Dutch laws: the Same-Sex Marriage Act (Wet openstelling huwelijk) and the Registered Partnership Act (Wet geregistreerd partnerschap). After the introduction […]

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