The Family & Law series

The Family & Law book series broadly focuses on the debate between theory and practice in the field of family law. The exchange of knowledge with other disciplines, such as the social sciences, plays an important role. Monographs, theses, conference bundles and commentaries form part of this series. The result is intended for lawyers, notaries, judges, academics and officials from the civil registry.

The Family & Law series is a result of a collaboration between Dutch specialists in the field of family law within the framework of the Alliance of Family & Law and is part of the book series of the Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (NILG). The NILG is a partnership of universities and other research institutions that aim to promote research in the field of law and governance. Central to this is the balance between public and private interests in the law, and the matter in which the regulation of these interests is carried out in the public and private sectors.

Monographs, theses, conference editions and commentaries are included in this series. Manuscripts – not necessarily from the three universities – will be reviewed by the academic review panel consisting of Masha Antokolskaia (VU), Katharina Boele-Woelki (UU) and Leon Verstappen (RUG).

A number of books have already been published. The first book sets out a UCERF research report from 2009 regarding the legal status of polygamous marriages from a comparative law perspective. The second book encompasses the WODC research report about the total separation of property (the contractual regime allowing spouses or registered partners to exclude any community of assets). The third book concerns the maintenance rights of children (Merel Jonker). The fourth book is a UCERF research report from 2012, which addresses surrogate motherhood and illegal placement of children. In the coming years, a number of new titles are expected.