UCERF has been reformed in 2013. In addition to continuing research into comparative law (comparison with legal systems in Europe and/or with European or international law), the scope of research will be extended to other areas of law, such as human rights, gender and law, social and labour law and the sociology of law. The overall research programme will be known as: ‘Regulation of Family Relations’.


Evaluation report 2017

In 2017, the report of the committee-Spronken about the research of the law department at Utrecht University has been published. The committee consisted of Taru Spronken […]

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Research programme

The research programme ‘The regulation of Family Relations’ is divided into three themes. The first theme concerns the role of the government (for example, investigating […]

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The GIRARE project – Gender Identity Registration And human Rights Effects

Nation-states systematically attribute  legal sex to individuals and enter that sex in national registries. Although sex and gender are typically understood as binary (M/F), legal […]

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