Article in Dutch Law Review: ‘Finding truth in child protection’

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8th UCERF symposium on 10th April 2014

A report of the 8th UCERF symposium which took place on Thursday 10th of April 2014, can from now on be read here:



Symposium Multiple parental responsibility on 13th of May 2014

On the 13th May, a symposium will be held in Amsterdam concerning “Multiple parental responsibility”. During the symposium, the empirical and comparative research “Multiple parental responsibility: a solution for children with more than two parents?” will be presented, which is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from UCERF, the University of Groningen (NIG), and the VU University Amsterdam (ACFL). 
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The morning session will be dedicated to the discussion of lesbian multiple-parent families. Professor Katharina Boele-Woelki will present the results of the comparative study on the legal responsibility of parents in lesbian families in Dutch law (which allows for a maximum of two persons to obtain parental responsibility), and English law (which allows for more than two persons to obtain parental responsibility).

In the afternoon, the position of stepparents will be addressed, with Christina Jeppesen-de Boer talking about the parental responsibility of stepparents in the Netherlands and England. More information can be found in the attached invitation (only in Dutch):  Uitnodiging Symposium Meeroudergezag

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Article in De Volkskrant: ‘Australian is from now on officially allowed to be man, woman or neutral’

Marjolein van den Brink was quoted in an article in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about sex registration in Australia. The WODC Research into the issue of mandatory, binary (M/F) gender registration was mentioned. The article can be read here (only available in Dutch): De Volkskrant, 3 april 2014.



Project Institutions for Equality, Inclusiveness and Social Mobility

Children in blended families:  a combined legal and social approach to (step)family relationships

Christina G. Jeppesen de Boer (UCERF), Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance and Inge van der Valk,  Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, both Utrecht University have been awarded research funding from Utrecht University under the strategic investment theme Institutions: Equality, Inclusiveness, and Social Mobility.
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The aim is to facilitate the researchers to research and seek further funding for comparative interdisciplinary research on blended families in the EU.

Societal relevance

Many children in contemporary Western society grow up in a variety of post-divorce and blended families. Although many studies have been performed on divorce effects, child adjustment in blended families has been understudied. This interdisciplinary research, which combines pedagogical, psychological, and legal perspectives, is aimed at understanding the adjustment of children in (step)family relationships and their involvement in blended families. In a legal perspective there is a need to consider the recognition afforded to blended families. Presently, in Dutch law the stepparent may be viewed as a “legal stranger” in relation to the child.  The legal perspective is to be understood in a broad perspective involving private and social law, citizenship, and free movement rights.

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