Foreign researcher Maximilian Strutz (Cologne) at UCERF in December-February 2013

Maximilian Strutz of the University of Cologne also had a three-month research stay at UCERF, between December 2012 and February 2013  This was a major success:
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“My name is Maximilian Strutz and I am a PhD researcher at the University of Cologne in Germany. The topic of my dissertation is ‘The control of marriage settlement in the Netherlands and in Germany’. Since my dissertation focuses significantly on the Netherlands, it was logical that I would also perform research in the Netherlands itself. However, it was a coincidence that I was asked to work at UCERF. A colleague saw Prof. Boele Woelki’s offer of a research stay, and pointed this out to me. In view of my subsequent experiences, I am extremely happy this happened.


With the support of Prof. Boele-Woelki and her employees during my stay in Utrecht between December 2012 and February 2013, I was able to complete a large part of my dissertation, to answer open questions and to discover new information on my theme. I even wrote an article concerning the explanation of marriage settlements with Evelien Verhagen, a PhD researcher at Utrecht, which has since been published in WPNR. A big success!


Max StrutzDutch and German people really do differ a lot. I draw this conclusion not only from my research into the marital property law in Germany and the Netherlands, but also from my experiences working at a German university and at UCERF. It can be seen in simply the way people address one another. In Germany, it is common to address someone formally, using their title and surname, while Dutch people do not do this and therefore there is less distance between the people (this is my personal impression anyway). This was also the case at UCERF: very uncomplicated and direct!


In short: I would definitely return for second time if I had the opportunity!

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