Evaluation report 2017

In 2017, the report of the committee-Spronken about the research of the law department at Utrecht University has been published. The committee consisted of Taru Spronken (chairman), Jacqueline Heaton, Luc Lavrysen, Aloïs van Oevelen, and Christiaan Timmermans. In the report, the Commission is particularly positive about the research carried out by UCERF over the last three years. The quality of UCERF research has been assessed with the highest possible rating (international excellence). The Commission particularly praises UCERF’s unique research profile, the excellent quality of publications, and the size of the research output, given the relatively small research group. The Commission concludes on this point: ” In short, the Committee considers the quality of UCERF’s research and the contribution which this research makes to the body of scientific knowledge to be outstanding. In conclusion, the Committee is of the opinion that UCERF has been shown to be one of the few most influential research groups in the world in its particular field.” We are very pleased with this appreciation and will strive to achieve the same results in upcoming years.