Public Workshop Empowering European Families Project

On Tuesday, June 20th, Christiane Wendehorst (Professor of Private Law in Vienna) and Wendy Schrama will organize a Public Workship, as they are the leaders of the Empowering European Families Project. On this one-day English-speaking meeting, the results of the Empowering European Families project, funded by European funding, are presented. The purpose of the project is to establish international marriage contracts within the EU. This meeting presents and discusses the results on matrimonial property law, alimentation law and pension law. Several members of the Working Group and various other international speakers will present their vision of the results with a focus on the theme of party autonomy. Any  input from visitors, both from science and practice, is more than welcome.

Participation is free, but there are limited seats available. Therefore, registration is required through the secretariat of private law ( to Mrs Wijnans, mentioning your name and organization, and 20 June EEF. At the beginning of June, you will receive a program and practical information, provided that there is enough space.