University Utrecht

The UCERF researchers teach a variety of courses at bachelor and master level to students of the Utrecht Law School. Some courses are open for students from other academic disciplines.  Topics taught range from Personen- en familierecht (Persons & Family Law) and Internationaal Privaatrecht (International Private Law), to Comparative Law MethodologyRechtstheorie (Legal Theory), International Law of Human rightsGender & (International) Law, International and European law and Women and Philosophy of Human Rights. The UCERF researchers can be approached with requests for bachelor and master thesis supervision.

In addition, the specialized Master’s degree in Family Law has been offered for some time as a track of the Master’s degree in Private Law at Utrecht University. The purpose of the Family Law specialization is to acquire knowledge and insight about complex issues in family law. We also want students to learn to reflect on the existing law and alternatives, where you substantiate your opinion scientifically. No legal profession in which academic skills are not important. That is why, in addition to acquiring expertise from family law, the development of academic skills is central: critical thinking and the development of writing and presentation skills. Click here to see our informational movie on this Master’s degree. Click here for more information (in Dutch).