WODC report: International Child Abducation

Researchers at UCERF carried out the following research on behalf of the Ministry. This research evaluates the current procedure in incoming applications of international child abduction in the Netherlands and places it in a comparative perspective. International child abduction occurs when, in violation of the custody laws of the country of habitual residence, a child is removed to or detained in another country. The research focuses on incoming cases (an abduction from abroad to the Netherlands) and not on outgoing cases (an abduction from the Netherlands to another country). The aim of this research is to evaluate the current practices in incoming cases of international child abduction. The research question reads: Have the recent legislative changes in the Netherlands been implemented in accordance with the aims and how do Dutch procedures compare to other jurisdictions with similar systems? The research focuses on the current practices and on how the procedure is experienced by the parties involved

An English summary is available here. The entire report (in Dutch) can be found here (online) and here (book).