WODC report: Doing Gender Identity Justice: Evaluation Three Years Transgender Legislation in the Netherlands

In 2017, UCERF researcher Marjolein van den Brink, in cooperation with Danielle Snaathorst, conducted research into the transgender legislation in the Netherlands. This research was commissioned by the Dutch WODC. The central research question of this evaluation was: To what extent does the law of the 1st of July 2014 comply with the objectives of the law, namely the simplification of the procedure and respect for human rights, and are there – including in the light of the experiences abroad – possibilities to further the law’s compliance with its objectives, without compromising its feasibility or increasing the prevalence of (identity) fraud?  The research included a comparative assessment of the laws of Norway, Malta, Iceland and Argentina.

An English summary of the report can be found here. For the complete report (in Dutch), see here.