Programme 13th UCERF symposium

The 13th UCERF symposium will take place on the 18th of April 2019! Several speakers will give a presentation on various topics in the field of family law. The symposium will be in Dutch. The programme is composed as follows:

  • Dr. Inge van der Valk & dr. Christina Jeppesen de Boer
    Both university lecturers and researchers at Utrecht University
    Compliance with care and contact arrangements
  • Dr. Jan-Ger Knot
    University lecturer at the University of Groningen, IPR advisor at PlasBossinade Notarissen and deputy justice at the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal
    The new EU regulations on matrimonial and partnership property regimes
  • Sanne van de Velde
    Council advisor at the Ministry of Justice and Security and programme manager data protection Department of Legislation and Legal Affairs
    Dilemmas of a legislative draftsman regarding the age limit and consent in the GDPR
  • Stans Goudsmit
    Municipal Children’s Ombudsman Rotterdam
    Situations in Rotterdam: experiences of a Municipal Children’s Ombudsman
  • Joost Huijer
    PhD Candidate and lecturer at Utrecht University
    The legal justification of child protection measures in practice
  • Hein Schröder & drs. Tineke van den Berg
    Family-court judge at the Overijssel Court / Child and youth healthcare psychologist and orthopedagoge generalist
    Pilot ‘Bruggesprek’: age appropriate involvement of children in the parenting plan 

It will be an interesting day! As of the 1st of January 2019 you can register online on our website ( Please contact us for any questions via